Member Testimonials


Lola Adeyemo


Global Diversity & Inclusion Leader

“As a member of Athena since 2017, my career growth as a scientist has included a promotion, a board seat and now a new baby on the way.  The connections, support and leadership development I’ve gained is far more than I could’ve imagined”.


Dawn Barry


Co-Founder & President

"Athena offers its members with a safe haven that connects intelligent and motivated professionals to embrace their power individually and as a collective force. Through mentors, coaches, sponsors, I frequently access this reputable network of diversity champions eager to lift others while climbing. Athena's family of STEM leaders ignite that spark within all of us to step in and step up."


Meghan Edgar


Senior Scientist

"Athena’s advocacy provides significant opportunities to publicly reveal challenges that women face within my company. I have snatched every opportunity such as its MentorFest, its Forum for Executive Women, and representing my field for the women in STEM seeking parity. I also promoted Athena’s UN Global Compact partnership as a resource for Takeda to close its gender gap."


Susan Poser


VP Customer and Employee Experience & Comms

“Leveraging Athena’s mentorship and implementing the knowledge transfer from its member workshops gave me the confidence and negotiation skills I needed to suggest designing a brand new role inside my company.  The end result, I was promoted to lead this new group.”


Randy Tsudama


Senior Manager, Process Innovation, Strategy & Transformation

“Although Athena is female-focused, I joined because it’s important for all of us to continue moving the gender equality conversations forward to create change.”