Athena FEW Groups

Peer-to-Peer Mentoring


One of Athena’s hallmark member programs is its Peer-to-Peer mentoring program, FEW. This integral career resource is for members that value accessing an informal support group of peers that can inform and accelerate your leadership journey. This customized peer group experience serves as your personal board of directors.

FEW groups consist of 8-10 STEM women that meet virtually each month. Athena curates these designated FEW groups from its member portfolio to accommodate preferred meeting times while avoiding any professional conflicts. Member engagement and commitment to these FEW groups has long been the driving force making these FEW groups wildly successful.

All Athena members are eligible upon completion of the application and confirming participation in the mandatory FEW Orientation.    Thank you for your interest in FEW and exploring the impacts of having your own personal board of directors! The next FEW Enrollment opens on 4.18.22.

FEW is a members-only benefit. Not a member, yet? Please contact to join.


VP Customer and Employee

Experience & Comms



We were talking a lot about change management and I was able to take some of the best practices and things that [my FEW Group members] were doing and apply it to what I was working on, and it made me look like a hero."