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Independent Consultant | Zed Strategic Consulting


Sara Zaknoen, MD, has a wealth of experience in the life sciences field, particularly in pharmaceutical drug development and clinical oncology research. As President of Zed Strategic Consulting she works with large pharmaceutical and small biotech clients to craft development strategies for their Oncology assets. As Chief Medical Officer of Polynoma she led the Phase 3 pivotal MAVIS registration study as well as presenting the strategic program in discussions with possible investors. As Chief Medical Officer for Tragara Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Zaknoen spearheaded successful completion of Phase 1 and 2 studies and served on the Executive Team that secured venture capital funding. At Cabrellis Pharmaceuticals Inc., where she also served as Chief Medical Officer she led teams to conduct Phase 2 studies in oncology while contributing to Cabrellis’ sale to Pharmion Corporation. Dr. Zaknoen was Executive Director of Phase 2/3 Clinical Oncology Research at Novartis, where she directed global development of five drugs in Phase 2 and 3 including expanding the label for Gleevec and the registration for Tysigna and supported the tripling of the Oncology Business Unit in size by streamlining operational processes. Dr. Zaknoen was Director, Clinic Oncology Research at Schering Plough where she was a key member of the team directing the successful registration and launch of Temodar, presenting at the ODAC and EMEA advisory boards leading to approval. She has held positions at the National Cancer Institute, the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, and Western Pennsylvania Hospital. Dr. Zaknoen holds a BS in Chemistry and Biology from Valparaiso University and an M.D. Degree from the Indiana University School of Medicine.