Special Interest Group (SIG) Events

Experts Share Experiences, Strategies and Explore What's Next 

The entrepreneurial spirit is a drive and determination that pushes you to explore your passions, build something from the ground up and truly deliver something wonderful to the world. Sound familiar?

Most Athena members are passionate about excelling in their careers and are actively involved in Athena SIG groups. In response to our members need to explore issues that are specific to the technology and scientific industries they work in, we've gathered together inspirational leaders from innovative companies to share their experiences, strategies, lessons learned and what's next on the horizon.

Athena SIG events are designed for our members but are open to anyone interested in advancing their STEM career.

Life Sciences (LSIG)

Athena Life Sciences events arm women in scientific fields with the insight and information to advance in their careers, accelerate their businesses and grow their organizations.  At Athena Life Sciences events, you will learn from experts who are at the forefront of scientific advancement. 

Technology (TSIG)

Athena assembles the founders, funders and technological leaders to address issues and offer practical advice for making the career changing, strategic and technological decisions that will propel your career to new heights. Athena Technology events are the perfect opportunity to connect with the movers and shakers on San Diego's technology scene.

Associate's Special Interest Group (ASIG)

Associate members are women who are on the executive path and possess a minimum of five years professional experience. The Associate Group provides opportunities for women to network and learn through educational programs and informal gatherings.

On-Board Program

On-Board program is an exclusive Athena member-only series designed to bolster the skills and network of aspiring board leaders. This program is a biannual committee, please contact Athena's [email protected] for placement in this program. 

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