Signature Series

Building Blocks for Professional Development and Career Advancement

Athena Signature Series programs deliver thought-provoking programs on a wide variety of relevant topics from local, national and internationally renowned business leaders, experts and entrepreneurs. 

Big ideas are central to Athena's Signature Series and are "must attend" events for anyone who wants to be in-the-know.

Signature Series programs are open to members and non-members, as well as co-workers, family members and friends. We love it when men attend our events, and if you have a young person in your life who would benefit from our conferences, bring them too! We are inclusive of everyone. 

Upcoming Signature Series Programming

Imposter Syndrome

Break Free From Imposter Syndrome: Embrace Your Competent, Capable Self. Why do so many individuals fear being exposed as a fraud? Why the self-doubt and self-devaluation? Join guest speaker Michelle Galloway at the last 2018 Signature Series program, where we'll discuss - among other things - the neuroscience and psychology behind the prevalence of "imposter syndrome", and why it's more prevalent among high achievers.

When: Thursday, September 6th, from 5:30 - 8:00 PM
Where: Thermo Fisher | 5781 Van Allen Way, Carlsbad, CA 92008
Cost: $30 members; $50 non-members. Sponsored members are complimentary with discount code.


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