Men’s Questions Answered | A Spotlight on How Men Work Beside Women to Champion Change

Powered by BD | Hybrid Event | June 23, 2022

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While there isn’t yet a universal playbook on fully activating male allyship across the workplace, 70% of men believe a more equal society is better for our economy and 40% of men believe gender equality would be better for them personally.  Join us LIVE on June 23 for this engaging Town Hall hosted at BD’s San Diego campus to access the toolbox needed to effectively champion and collaborate with women inside your company. Bring your curiosity and expect a judgment-free zone in this unique opportunity to learn techniques for minimizing misinterpretations, power-sharing, and cultivating a sense of belongingness that ultimately DRIVES PERFORMANCE and BOLSTERS EMPLOYEE LOYALTY.



Tom Fox | Male Allyship Committee Member & Senior Vice President, Human Resources @ Tandem Diabetes Care


Sabrina Nicolich | Associate Director, Quality Assurance @ BD

Yennie Rautenberg-Loya | PCC, CEO and Leadership Coach @ Rautenberg Coaching

Steph Habif, EdD, MS | Vice President, Behavioral Science @ Tandem Diabetes Care


Presented by Athena’s Male Allyship Committee.