2019 Pinnacle Award Winners

As the first female Chief Information Officer of Qualcomm, Mary is passionate about inspiring women in technology and leadership roles. Mary has spent her entire career leading by example and serving as a champion for women and minorities in the tech industry.  For example: She rebranded her division as “One-IT” and restructured her leadership team to increase underrepresented minorities from 0% to 70%. She is executive sponsor of “Q-women,” a 3,000 member network that encourages leadership, mentorship and career development for all women. In partnership with the National Center for Women and IT Pacesetters, she is sponsoring a project to improve the meaningful participation of technical women.  

Dr. Sheila K. Gujrathi, Co-Founder and CEO of Gossamer Bio, Inc., is an exemplary and inspirational role model for women in biotech. Sheila entered the San Diego biotech scene with Receptos in 2011 as Chief Medical Officer. The sale of Receptos to Celegene created the opportunity to start a new venture, Gossamer Bio. Sheila has a mission to bring new and innovative medicines to patients and she’s built a strong team of women and men to do just that. Sheila is also Chairman of the Board of Turning Point Therapeutics, another company with strong women at the helm. 

Throughout her sixteen years as CEO of BVS, Pamela Gardner has hired and promoted a large number of women into management positions while mentoring women nationwide. Pamela participated in the 9-month coaching program, “Feminine Power Mastery” resulting in her creation of a nationwide initiative called 'Women Breaking the Barriers of Science and Their Male Champions." Pamela is passionate about empowering women in science and will help women ignite their own personal powers through her certification as a Feminine Power Master Facilitator. She created a model integrating her “why” into her existing business. For these reasons and more, Pamela Gardner has been selected as Athena’s Individual in Service Award Winner for 2019. 

Kylie is a true rising star in the tech industry, inspiring girls to seek industry roles, further increasing the pipeline of women in tech. In just five years, Kylie has already made a tremendous impact on the industry – from founding organizations like Women in Computing and Code with Her, raising funds and granting student scholarships, organizing large events and coding workshops focused on K-12 girls, partnering with the Girl Scouts and mentoring students for technology entrepreneurship. Kylie is an empowering force who has found her calling as an advocate for women in tech. 

2019 Pinnacle Awards Commemorative Program and Video