Forge a Mental Six-Pack for Greater Success.

Mental Toughness is the #1 Predictor of Success

Why can some people perform at their best when the stakes are high, while others fail?

What’s the difference is between people who can go the distance and those who give up and throw in the towel? Many would like to chalk it up to genetics, extraordinary talent, education, skill or knowledge. The highly successful person possesses a quality that’s hard to define but is unmistakable when we see it in action: mental toughness.

Willis Towers Watson and DeskHub sponsored our recent Athena Signature Series, Forge a Mental Six-Pack, where attendees were given insight and tools to conquer self-doubt, stay motivated and consistently rise to the occasion in high-pressure situations from Renita Kalhorn, a Juilliard-trained concert pianist, martial arts black belt with an MBA from INSEAD and a performance consultant to Fortune 500 companies, CEOs and Navy Seal candidates.

Key Insights from the Event:

Talent is overrated.

The most successful people are those that can move on quickly after a setback or a mistake.

We can’t be committed or consistent with a weak mind. How many workouts have we missed because our minds, not our bodies, told us we were tired? How much time have we wasted by dwelling on a mistake instead of forging ahead?

When things get difficult for mentally tough people, they find a way to stay on track – even if it one small step at a time. Success comes from practice and developing the consistency to keep doing what we have decided is most important.

Successful people are great at delaying gratification, withstanding temptation and overcoming fear in order to do what they need to do.

Here are some of the ways that Renita Kalhorn says that you can become mentally stronger-- and as a result more successful:

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