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Women As Leaders Event

A Night for Women As Leaders 

It’s now more critically important than ever to deeply understand the actual issues facing leaders in the San Diego region, particularly those faced by STEM leaders who happen to be women.

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Bold Women Discover Their Mojo

Design for Delight: a TSIG workshop event and Intuit's new advocate role for women

By Jacqui Busick

Kimbra Brookstein mingled with technology professionals around tables of antipasti, mini cupcakes and sangria at the Technology Special Interest Group’s event “Bold Women Discover Their Mojo” last Wednesday, June 7th. These women had a chance to unite in a social setting inside of Intuit’s café before uniting to empower each other in their careers around workshop tables.

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Illumina Sisters

Rising Stars in STEM are Found in Athena

Two Sisters Light a Path to Success at Illumina

Despite the rapid growth of technology, there is still a significant disparity in gender representation when it comes to Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) fields. Over half of the US population ages 15 to 64 is female, yet only 14 percent of computer science majors are female. The discrepancy continues though studies, such as Harvard Business Review, show that having a woman on the team raises the group’s performance, collective intelligence and ultimate success.

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Member Blog: Life’s Journey Without Maps - A Fireside Chat

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Killer Keynote Presentations

As STEM leaders we are often called upon to present technical and complex information. Whether in 1:1 interviews, in the boardroom or to audiences of hundreds, how confident are you in your ability to hold an audiences attention?

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Forge a Mental Six-Pack for Greater Success.

Mental Toughness is the #1 Predictor of Success

Why can some people perform at their best when the stakes are high, while others fail?

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Photos - Forge a Mental Six-Pack

Performance strategist, Renita Kalhorn presented tactics and strategies for Forging a Mental Six-Pack to give a packed house the tools we need for professional and personal success.

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Future-Proof Your Career

Current technological advancements in genetics, artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, 3D printing and biotechnology are bringing about an unprecedented rate of change in how we live and work.   Athena’s SIG Associate Group hosted an expert panel who addressed how we can “Future-Proof “our careers in response to these technology trends. Below are some of the key messages from the panel discussion.

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Photos - Future-Proof Your Career

Athena's Associate SIG hosted an expert panel that addressed how technology is changing our career paths. See photos from the event here!

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Pinnacle Awards Photos

Athena promotes professional growth for women executives and rising managers in science and technology. This year's event brought together over 600 people to recognize and celebrate leaders in STEM and the organizations that have made significant contributions to supporting women in these vital roles.

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Men Who Champion Women Event Photos

Check out photos from our Signature Series event: Men Who Champion Women & the ROI of Diversity. The panel discussed how male executives are championing inclusion culture for both social and fiscal benefits.

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