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Athena Women Who Mean Business

Each year, the San Diego Business Journal recognizes dynamic women business leaders who have contributed significantly to San Diego’s business, civic and cultural landscape at the annual Women Who Mean Business awards.

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What's Driving the Gender Pay Gap?

With competing statistics and polarizing politics, the very existence of the gender pay gap is often called into question. Debates rage over the level of wage disparity, its significance and what the driving factors are. 

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Hard Fought Success

Athena's Executive Director, Cheryl Goodman, recently emceed Qualcomm Venture’s 11th Annual CEO Summit. The event showcased the great minds, groundbreaking innovations and insights of Qualcomm’s 140+ portfolio companies. We were particularly impressed by keynote speakers astronaut Captain Scott Kelly, who just returned from spending a year in space, and Diana Nyad, who became the only person to swim from Cuba to Florida at the age of 64 years old.  

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The Internet of Things – Too Much Information?

The world is rapidly becoming a smarter, more connected place. Everything, from phones to vehicles, are now “Smart.” What does that mean for us as consumers? Does the value and convenience outweigh the potential risks? Click here to learn more about Athena’s upcoming panel discussion to explore the Internet of Things and what it really means on a practical level.

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Killer Keynote Presentations

As STEM leaders we are often called upon to present technical and complex information. Whether in 1:1 interviews, in the boardroom or to audiences of hundreds, how confident are you in your ability to hold an audiences attention?

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San Diego Short Sighted and Short on Women in Board Postions

Studies consistently show that having women on corporate boards is a smart business decision, with organizations seeing higher return on equity, higher price/book value and higher payout ratio. Yet corporations throughout San Diego County have been slow to embrace diversity on their boards.

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Leadership: Women Membership Is Low on SD Boards

Study finds San Diego’s public companies have fewer women on their boards than their national counter parts.
Reprinted from June 11, 2016 SDBJ article page 1, Page 53


And while there were no contested director elections at San Diego public companies in 2015, 75 percent of local companies risk the ire of big investors in the way they fill uncontested board seats.

That is according to a recent report from Cooley LLC. The law firm and Board Governance Research compiled data on the boards of the region’s 51 largest public companies, with the help of the Corporate Directors Forum and data provider Equilar Inc. There are more than 80 publicly traded companies in San Diego County.

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Forge a Mental Six-Pack for Greater Success.

Mental Toughness is the #1 Predictor of Success

Why can some people perform at their best when the stakes are high, while others fail?

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Photos - Forge a Mental Six-Pack

Performance strategist, Renita Kalhorn presented tactics and strategies for Forging a Mental Six-Pack to give a packed house the tools we need for professional and personal success.

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Future-Proof Your Career

Current technological advancements in genetics, artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, 3D printing and biotechnology are bringing about an unprecedented rate of change in how we live and work.   Athena’s SIG Associate Group hosted an expert panel who addressed how we can “Future-Proof “our careers in response to these technology trends. Below are some of the key messages from the panel discussion.

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Photos - Future-Proof Your Career

Athena's Associate SIG hosted an expert panel that addressed how technology is changing our career paths. See photos from the event here!

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Athena Pinnacle Awards Press Release

Athena Draws 600 + Champions in Life Science, Technology, and Academics on April 28th at Manchester Grand Hyatt, Downtown San Diego 

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Athena Presents the 2016 Pinnacle Award Nominees

Athena’s mission is to promote professional growth for women executives and rising managers in science and technology. Each year, we recognize and celebrate the women and the organizations that have made significant contributions to STEM and to supporting the women in these vital roles. Awards are given to an organization that has made significant inroads for the personal and professional growth of women in STEM industries. We also recognize individual achievements in life sciences, technology, education, as well as the service providers who support these sectors.

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Pinnacle Scholarship Winners 2016

Athena Pinnacle Scholarships Awarded to Extraordinary High School Women at the 2016 Pinnacle Gala

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