San Diego AMA

San Diego American Marketing Association Interview with Cheryl Goodman 

Diversity and Inclusion in 2017

"Athena San Diego Executive Director Cheryl Goodman joined San Diego AMA in the podcast studio to discuss the state of diversity and inclusion in corporate America. While much progress has been made on this front, lots more work remains to be done." - San Diego AMA

 In the podcast below, Cheryl Goodman and Bill Winn, a host at San Diego AMA, converse about the benefits of diversity and inclusion, and discuss prevailing values, views and rising opportunities within corporate America. Goodman gives insight about the unconscious bias in the corporate world, techniques to add value within a company, and opportunities and events that increase inclusion. Goodman is able to accurately understand and sympathize with challenges to progress in the corporate world due to her extensive background working with large companies that often lack diversification. 

Click to Play Audio Interview pt. 1 - pt. 4

Combating Unconscious Bias, pt. 1 

 Adding Exponential Value, pt. 2

Optimism VS. Experience, pt. 3

Opportunities & Events, pt. 4




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