Athena Board Members

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Executive Management

Holly Smithson
Chief Executive Officer



Board Officers 

Athena Board Chair

Constance Maples

COO | Lanyon Advisory Services

Athena Vice Chair

Sabrina Johnson

CEO, Founder | Daré Bioscience

Athena Treasurer

Cathy Gonzales

Partner | KPMG LLP



 Board of Directors

Claudia Baranowski

Senior Manager, Stock Administration | Illumina

Jennifer Brown

Executive Director | EY LLP

Rashmi Char

Vice President, Engineering | Qualcomm

Grace Chui-Miller

Chief Financial Officer | Correlation Ventures

Michele Comtois

Principal | Marsh & McLennan Agency

Shaye Exner

Senior Director of Conferences and Corporate Sponsorship | Biocom

Carolyn Fritz

President | Fritz Consulting LLC

Liz Gasser

Managing Partner | High Camp Ventures

Katherine Kantardjieff

Dean, College of Science and Mathematics | CSU San Marcos

Judy Müller-Cohn

CEO | MXCglobal

COO | BioFluidica

Associate Aboli Rane

Senior Product Manager | Illumina

Cathy Schnabel

Chief Scientific Officer | bioTheranostics

Charity Williams

Associate | Cooley

Lee Wills

Head of Talent Acquisition and Employee Engagement | Sony Electronics


Athena Emeritus and Founding Board Members

We are grateful to all of the women who helped form and shape the Athena organization. Their insight and direction have helped us to succeed in supporting an ever-growing membership of executives, managers, educators, entrepreneurs and service agencies in STEM-related industries. Each and every person has played a monumental role in Athena’s success as an organization.

Emeritus status has been granted to all past Board Members in recognition of their leadership, service, and commitment to Athena.

Helen Adams Tammy Garbett Anne O’Donnell*
Erna Adelson Karen Garsson Benita Page*
Cathy Akin* Brenda Gebler Tracy [Lawhon] Parrott
Gemini Babla Susan Gonick Sigrid Pate*
Suzanne Biggs Diane Goostree Leni Perciado
Janice Brown Lisa Grillone Rhonda Rhyne
Barbara Bry* Lisa Haile Gwen Rosenberg
Julie Burgess Kathleen Hedges Faye Russell
Anita Busquets Emilie Hersh Killu Sanborn
Donna Caley Leach* Denise Jackson Dawn Saunders
Cathryn Campbell* Wendy Johnson Jeni Schrimsher
Kelly Cashion Deborah Jondall Joleen Schultz
Jennifer Cayer AnneMarie Kaiser Linda Seaton
Kay Chandler Beth Kinsey* Stephanie Shkolnik
June Chocheles Karen Klause* Abby Silverman
Nancy Conyers Sarah Lamade Kim Silverman
Nicole DeBerg Patti Lazard Joan Stafslien
Jan Dehesh Linda Le Beau* Deirdre Stewart
Martha Dennis* Donna Leach Julie Sullivan
Karen Deschaine Sandra Louis Schmid Susan Ten Eyck Mallory*
Barbara Drinkrow Maggie Lowe Denise Thompson
Berit Durler Catherine Mackey Jackie Townsend
Karin Eastham Margaret Mann Christie Vail
Sue Ebner Vicki Marion Elaine Weidenhammer
Tamar Elkeles* Magda Marquet Sara Wilensky Napoli
Maureen [Makridis] Feerick Lisa Martens Annette Winn
Karen Fisher Donna Nichols Teresa Young
Lynne Friedmann* Barbara Noerenberg Nicola Zahl


*Founding Board Member