Athena Membership Benefits


Forums for Executive Women (FEW)

At Athena, we’re known for carefully selecting our members, connecting you to a dynamic peer group and providing a unique platform for you to share your challenges and successes with each other. Many Athena members consider FEW to be essential to their career playbook. In each FEW group, members are from non-competing companies who meet on a regular basis to share friendship, ideas and support in all aspects of their career development. Spring 2018 FEW applications will open soon.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Special Interest Groups were established to address trends and issues specific to our member's industries. Participants in these groups identify issues that are important to their industry and drive the programs designed to amplify the dialog to broader audiences. They cultivate "thought leadership" and expand their networks in ways that are not always possible in their work environment.

  • Life Sciences - LSIG gives Athena members with careers in Life Sciences opportunities to network, share information and gain valuable insight into high-quality educational events that address topics specific to industries they serve. 
  • Technology - TSIG brings together Athena members who have careers in technology-related industries for networking events and for programs that address technology-related issues
  • Associate Group - ASIG provides opportunities for women who are early in their careers to network and learn through professional development programs and informal gatherings.
  • CFO Group is specifically designed to address the increasing needs and demands of senior finance executives. Through a blend of highly interactive educational sessions and networking opportunities with respected peers, members receive insights on current topics of concern to financial executives.

CEO & CFO Forums

CEO & CFO Forums provide tremendously valuable communities for women who are in the C-suite at public or private corporations. Athena provides a private setting for our members who are in CEO or CFO positions to come together with other women from a variety of businesses to share successes, challenges, confidential business strategies and management techniques to overcome obstacles and accelerate growth. These programs are designed by and for Athena Members who are CEOs or CFOs and are not open to our general membership. Interested CEOs/CFOs should contact Athena's CEO for placement.

Women as Leaders

At the beginning of each year, we invite our members, and the community at large, to hear an extraordinary panel of women leaders from different walks of life share their advice, insights, and inspiration about their path to success. Attendees enjoy networking, renewing and making new connections, as well as learning practical strategies for becoming successful leaders. It’s a dynamic and enriching experience.

Athena, in collaboration with research partners, define the unique experience for women in Southern California with a focus on the City of San Diego, North County, and Cali Baja.

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